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Tim Butler

Store Performance Ltd

Improving the guest experience with robots, AI and automated machines

Ease equals speed. In a time of staff shortages, delivering a quality product with an excellent guest experience utilising the latest technology within coffee, QSR and convenience stores is the next opportunity for operators. AI, robots and fully configurable coffee machines offers an efficient, consistent and reliable future. Tim investigates the technologies, benefits and problems that operators are likely to face.

About Tim Butler:

Tim Butler is a serial entrepreneur who has lead digital transformations in the 90''s, internet, 00''s, out of home digital advertising and 10''s mobile.

He and his team have focused on food retail for the last 5 years. They ran a successful contextual promotion pilot in food service pre-pandemic and have won a hotly contested InnovateUK SMART grant to develop Store Analysis Machine AI for multi-site coffee, QSR and convenience stores.

Tim helps food service businesses measure, analyse and act on in-store data including EPOS, staff, stock, footfall, queue, digital signage, weather, events, combining data silos, and IoT from machines and robots.