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Pierre Dutaret


Panel : The tech trends driving growth in 2021

2022 is just around the corner, but what does it hold for the hospitality industry? Join our industry leaders as they predict which trends could be just a flash in the pan, and which innovations will change the way we work for a long time to come.

About Pierre Dutaret:

After six years in M&A, Pierre Dutaret decided to quit his job for a new adventure: opening his restaurant in Paris. Quickly, one restaurant became two, then three, then an entire group of restaurants. While juggling the many aspects of the management of his restaurants, he used many solutions to deal with everyday tasks. While there were many ways to manage HR, POS, and scheduling, Pierre was shocked by the lack of essential financial operation solutions on the market; mainly dealing with accounts receivable and accounts payable. While using peer to peer payment services on his phone one day, he found himself mapping out a similar way for his own business, and thus, the idea of Libeo was seeded.