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Ludovica De Pieri

Reveal My Food

Panel - Being Aware of Customers Needs: How to avoid costly mistakes

Over the last few months, allergies have become a massive concern for eateries, particularly when a small mistake can lead to severe consequences. Join our panel of experts, and see how you can make sure you’re not making the mistakes that can have devastating effects.

About Ludovica De Pieri:

Ludovica is a Public Health Nutritionist interested in the application of technology to shape a healthier and safer future. She founded Reveal My Food to make correct allergens management a profitable and meaningful process for restaurants.

Having worked in the Food Tech and Public Health for several years, Ludovica understands the pressure coming from diners changing requirements and the constantly changing legislation, like Natasha’s and Owens Law. Although, she believes that technology holds for Restaurants the solution to these pressures and the opportunity to bring higher profits. To bring this vision to reality, she created Reveal My Food, a circular system (Omnichannel) that automatically provides allergens analysis anytime the menu is updated and serves this information to diners through a digital menu. Increasing safety, reducing cost, and maximising the personalisation of diners'' experience.