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Heather Landex

Inclusive Food Service Ltd

Inclusivity – what is it? How to earn more, risk less.

Food safety standards can be marketed to attract more loyal customers, who rave about you, without changing your concept. I can show you the first, very simple step - a change in mindset. It might well be the most profitable 20-30 minutes of your year. If you already have good food safety standards, ensure you are not missing 20-40% of the market.

About Heather Landex:

Heather has worked in 8 countries, is a UK registered EHP and Food Safety Auditor, who has professional and personal experience and insight which may excite you. After a life-time working in the food service industry, Heather has a consumer, food safety, employee and business perspective.
Heather’s new book, “Inclusive: The New Exclusive. How The Food Service Industry Can Stop Leaving Money On The Table” reveals all with over 50 expert contributors. As a vegan, allergy sufferer, experienced food safety auditor, she has a unique selling point, a marketing hack, to help you stand out against the competition without increasing liability.