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Armando Avila Kramis

Zuplyit - Airtouch

Panel Title: Delivery Disruption: What is the future of online ordering

It’s hard to imagine a world without the ability to order our takeaways online, be it from an app or a simple website. However, as with anything in the tech-sphere, it is constantly shifting. But where is it headed?

Hear the leaders in the field talk about where they think it’s going, and predict the next big shift in the digital age of online ordering!

About Armando Avila Kramis:

Armando Avila Kramis is a Digital Transformation Executive with a large international experience managing teams to help brands successfully launch/drive Digital Products/Services using the most appropriate technologies and strategies to grow and succeed.

Since 2016, he has founded a Software Development Agency, with a large focus on the restaurant sector helping brands like Burger King, Popeyes and many other to go from Master Chefs to Master Suppliers using the latest technologies and trends englobed with Zuplyit''s Saas Platform.

Innovation in Supply for the restaurant sector is it''s focus!