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Unique catering units with style

The outdoor catering industry is currently enjoying a boom with street vendors in towns, cities and at festivals, the spring and summer are popular months for vendors to be out and about. This is providing a vast array of outlet opportunities for the outdoor caterer, creating a prime time for business.

Whether you are taking this up as a second income or a part time role to maintain a work life balance, you can make a good living from outdoor catering. A good weekend could see takings nearing the £5k mark per day depending on the usual variables; product, quality and foot fall.

However, a current problem is making your business stand out from the others and we have created a solution for this - the vintage horse box style trailer. This is a brand-new trailer, not a reconditioned unit; we give you a Vintage looking trailer with all the benefits of a modern trailer!

These are fully customizable to the business needs, such as a fish and chip trailer, coffee bar, gin bar, or pizza trailer. We will without a doubt ensure that your trailer is as unique as you are.

If you've decided on your product, an eye-catching unit can be the item that sets you apart from the rest, and the build quality of a new unit can instil confidence in the product your customer is buying.  However, we can convert an existing horse box if your budget is tighter as these are still made to the same standard of a new unit but only constrained by existing space within the unit. Either way, we have cost effective solutions to set your business apart from others.

Our expertise and dedication to client service and quality of the product has led us to recondition semi-permanent units as well as being able to fabricate new ones if desired. These are again working on the same principles as the horse box, getting everything you need into a small workable and comfortable space, at the highest quality of craftsmanship available.

Our recent installations have included the reconditioned unit for Oxford Street, London (The Street Deli), a brand-new horse box style catering unit, accommodating a pizza oven show stand and operational kitchen area. If you’re in need of a unique catering unit, we’d love to hear from you! 

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