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Sam and Leo

Peckwater Brands

Why you need to be running a Virtual Brand

Not too long ago, the term "virtual Brand" was a mystery to most restaurant owners. Delivery-only menus and ghost kitchens were out there, but the majority of people in the food industry has no idea what they were or how they worked. So, what are virtual brands, why do you need to be running them, and how do you ensure they work for you? Come along to find out.

About Sam and Leo:

Sam is the former Head of Innovation at Uber Eats and was responsible for running their Virtual Brands programme as well as launching their Retail division during COVID-19. More recently he was the UK Country Manager for Karma Kitchen, running one of the UK''s largest dark kitchen operators. He is now COO at PEckwater Brands - a business that specialises in providing virtual brands to restaurant operators.

Leo is CEO and Co-Founder of Peckwater Brands. He worked as a consultant with the UberEats innovation team to develop the virtual brand business model that became Peckwater; a developer of virtual restaurant brands for delivery that allows restaurant operators to maximise profitability without the huge capex of the dark kitchen model. Prior to this, he worked as a strategy consultant, advising private equity funds on investment into the consumer and digital spaces, with a specialism in platform and aggregator models.