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Jamie Moore

Kbox Global

Panel - Staying beyond the curve: serving up innovation

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially when we’re sat in a restaurant, patiently waiting for our order to arrive. Modern service should be efficient and fast to keep up with customers standards. Learn from the experts as they show you how to keep your service operating quickly.

About Jamie Moore:

Jamie Moore is the European Sales Director at KBox Global, Responsible for the UK company's sales strategic direction, vision and growth of the KBox brand, he also oversees the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets.

His previous role was Head of growth - Western Europe at Quandoo where he identified the company's growth opportunities, implemented strategy and built a strong team of sales to deliver this goal. Prior to this he worked for JUST EAT, he was a critical part of the early sales team, constantly looking for ways to develop and expand the business, working from startup through to FTSE 100, Jamie left JUST EAT as Regional Sales Manager 8 years later, with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Jamie is best known for his ability to drive sales numbers, Team leadership, Product strategy and his passion for the food tech industry.