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Richard Forshaw-Smith

RFS Marketing & Communications Ltd

From Lockdown ‘Likes’ To Long Term Love

Restaurants and takeaways generated a lot of engagement on social media during the pandemic lockdowns. But how do you turn that engagement into sales, and ongoing customer growth? We show you cutting-edge but easy to use digital marketing techniques that move you from lockdown ‘likes’ to long term love.

About Richard Forshaw-Smith:

Richard is the founder and managing partner of RFS Marketing. A former journalist, he has been working in the communications business since 2001 and he focuses on sales and marketing, business development strategies, digital product development, research & insight, marketing, communications and engagement, social media, service design, reputation management and stakeholder management.

He set up RFS Marketing after becoming increasingly aware of the scepticism among business leaders about the impact and return on investment that marketing can have, and how industry jargon, attitudes and nonsense can be a massive turn-off for people.

He is certified by Hootsuite for Social Media Marketing and holds diplomas in Digital Marketing and in Communications Management.