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Mark Gevaux

The Rib Man

Panel Session - Street Food Success Stories

About Mark Gevaux:

I have been a butcher since I was 15 and quality has always been the most important factor for great tasting meat, of course it helps if you can cook a bit too! I can''t tell you how I cook my ribs but I will say that I cook everything on the market on webber BBQs.

Update! Since I wrote that I have been so busy I have started cooking up to a tonne of ribs a week so I now cook outside my sauce kitchen in a car park in Dalston then strip the meat and bring to the markets ready to go.

You will find me on the market from about 3am cooking and getting ready to serve by 9am, I close when I sell out but if the weather is nice I will be gone EARLY so if you come at 3pm and I am not there you will have to wait another week for the best ribs in London baby!!