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Joel Satchi


Cutting The Nonsense – The Tech That Will Actually Help Your Business Thrive Post-covid

The pandemic caused a knee-jerk reaction across the industry to adopt tech in order to solve a short-term problem, leaving many businesses with solutions that simply cost more than they are worth. With insights from industry experts, Joel reviews the market to determine what solutions will actually help you create better guest experiences, and sustainably increase profits in a post-pandemic world where guests demand more and spend more.

About Joel Satchi:

Joel Satchi is the Co-Founder and CEO of the multi-award winning guest experience solution, EMenuNow.

From Wall Street to Cape Town, Joel has spent a decade helping the world’s biggest companies design and deliver new strategies to create better customer experiences and increase profitability. This role required him to live in hotels and eat out for months on end, meaning that he gained deep insights into the problems hospitality businesses faced.

Joel decided to leave his corporate career and apply his experience to help hospitality businesses solve these problems. He graduated at the top of his MBA cohort and co-founded EMenuNow, which has won multiple innovation awards including from Innovate UK, the UKs Innovation agency, for being the only bespoke online ordering service that connects with any infrastructure in one day for a low cost.