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Javed Laher

Chef 33

Delivery Disruption: What is the future of online ordering

It’s hard to imagine a world without the ability to order our takeaways online, be it from an app or a simple website. However, as with anything in the tech-sphere, it is constantly shifting. But where is it headed?

Hear the leaders in the field talk about where they think it’s going, and predict the next big shift in the digital age of online ordering!

About Javed Laher:

Javed Laher is a Forbes Council member and has been named as a Tech Disruptor by Authority Magazine for his app, Chef33. Chef33 is a community food app that connects community and home kitchens to local buyers. Javed had developed the idea after his MBA where he predicted a shift in employment trends due to the rise in automation through AI and Machine Learning and believes the home food industry is set for phenomenal growth. The app has started in London and has plans to grow nationally and internationally over the coming 2 years. Chefs must be registered with the local council and have a food hygiene rating in place, in addition to a level 2 food hygiene certification.