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David Sturdee

COO/CCO  -  Pizza Hut Europe/Yum! Brands

Culture, Technology and the Need for Easier

Easier is overtaking better in driving purchase intent – a customer expectation that is driven by disruption through new competitors and services. This adapt or die reality and the challenges involved requires innovation through technology, but also a cultural change to bring it to life. This session will look at the relationship between step-changing technology deployment and culture, in the journey of modernizing the delivery experience.

About David Sturdee:

David Sturdee has been with Yum! Brands for the past 13 years, working in several regions; MENA, Asia Pacific and most recently Europe, as COO/CCO for Pizza Hut. David has been at the forefront of driving a foundational approach to the brand engagement, while deploying technology to step-changing the customer experience. A firm believer in culture as the multiplier to strategy and technology deployment.