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Brendan Sweeney & Tony Roy


How to Improve Your Guest Experience and Grow Through Automation

Technology is enabling restaurants to automate tasks that would otherwise be labor-intensive and repetitive. Despite hesitancy from restaurateurs, automation has proven to improve guest experience, elevate employee morale and increase profits for restaurants. Using case studies, Popmenu explores emerging tech trends, how automation can benefit your business and where to begin.

About Brendan Sweeney & Tony Roy:

Brendan Sweeney is the CEO and co-founder of Popmenu, a leading innovator in digital marketing and ordering technology that works with over 6,000 independent restaurants and hospitality groups. With a strong background in product
development, user experience and marketing for high-growth SaaS companies, Sweeney leads efforts to deliver technology that solves problems and opens the door to new revenue opportunities for restaurants. He can be found on the global speaking circuit and news sites. Before Popmenu, Sweeney served in senior product leadership roles for Commissions Inc. and CareerBuilder EMEA.

As the President and co-founder of Popmenu, Tony Roy is a key figure driving next-generation technology for restaurants. With extensive expertise in revenue operations, Roy works with thousands of independent restaurants and hospitality groups to help them engage with more customers and increase sales, both on-premise and online, while improving profitability. He leads corporate development and strategic partnerships for Popmenu and is often called upon to provide industry and tech insights at events. Prior to Popmenu, Roy oversaw international operations for CareerBuilder and spearheaded partnerships and acquisitions.