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Adrian Thompson

imageHOLDERS Ltd

Post-pandemic self-service: Helping businesses adapt to a world with, and after, Covid-19

The economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, due to the industry-wide closures to keep us safe. All industries have had to either close their doors, or adapt dramatically to remain open. With the gradual re-opening of many sectors, we share how kiosk and self-service solutions are making the return to ‘normal’ more efficient, cost-effective and safe.

About Adrian Thompson:

Adrian Thompson is CEO and founder of imageHOLDERS. Adrian began his journey 20 years ago, designing and developing gift and home products. In 2003 he established imageHOLDERS as a kiosk company to develop solutions to support digital branding in the form of print and the rising AV market.

From a simple sketch, to bespoke kiosk solutions rolled out to global enterprises, Adrian’s passion for design and innovative solutions has developed imageHOLDERS into a leading kiosk service provider within iPad, tablet and computer kiosks, enclosures and device integration.