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Hamzah Malik

DRENCH Marketing

The Future of Geomarketing for Restaurants – An Exclusive Sneak Peek.

Geo-marketing is a well-known marketing technique, but how do you use it to consistently get customers through your doors? Hamzah Malik will give you the formula to a profitable geo-marketing strategy, whilst revealing the next step in how geo-marketing will redefine the restaurant-to-consumer relationship. This seminar is a must for restaurants looking to harness the mobile app revolution to boost sales and outperform competitors nationally.

About Hamzah Malik:

Hamzah is an award-winning entrepreneur and digital marketer, having launched several profitable businesses and helped numerous companies realise their potential in an increasingly digital landscape. He has successfully doubled digital revenue for multi-million pound companies and has created strategies which have seen viral success.

He is currently the CEO of DRENCH Marketing, a company which has created an app which ‘drenches’ people with time-sensitive offers based on their real-time location. DRENCH has had overwhelmingly positive feedback from both users and restaurant chains, with Hamzah spearheading strategies to ensure restaurants and takeaways are leveraging both mobile apps and digital marketing to delight their customers, increase footfall and ultimately boost their overall profitability.