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Alana Spencer

Founder  -  Ridiculously Rich by Alana

From the Board Room to the Bakery

Alana Spencer, founder and joint business partner of Lord Sugar, talks about her journey: from growing a small business operating in her parents'' country kitchen, to a 50/50 partnership with one of the biggest names in business, explaining how she is growing her company in a very different way to most, and the exciting things to come.

About Alana Spencer:

Beginning as a self-taught chocolatier at the young age of 16 in a small country kitchen in Wales, the luxury handmade cake business now known as Ridiculously Rich by Alana was born. With Delicatessens and Food Festivals nationwide loving her delicious tray bakes, Alana went on in 2016, after proving herself to be business-minded, adaptable and astute, to beat 17 other candidates and became Lord Sugar’s business partner. Since then Alana has taken on over 50 Brand Ambassadors across the UK and spends her time helping and demonstrating to others how they too can grow their businesses.