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Restaurant and Bar trends to watch in 2022

Restaurant and Bar trends to watch in 2022

In 2022, restaurants are bouncing back from a challenging two years. We’re not out of the water yet—obstacles like labour and supply chain shortages continue to blight the industry.

But hope is on the horizon, and with it some fresh trends. So let’s dive in!

  • 1. Organic wine

Wine produced using biodynamic farming methods are all the rage in 2022. In fact, between now and 2030 the global organic wine market is projected to grow by 10.2%.

There’s a larger global trend for healthier, funkier and more sustainable food and drink products. Organic wine fits neatly into the hype: the grapes are fermented with skin on, resulting in a novel flavour.

Moreover, producing organic wines requires less chemical additives like sulphur dioxide which means less chance of a sore head in the morning.

So consider adding some organic wines to your wine list in 2022! 

  • 2. Contactless Dining

The worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. But that doesn’t mean the habits we formed in the last two years will go with it.

Contactless dining is one of the most significant legacies of the pandemic. Why? Because it’s convenient for customers, it saves operators time and helps them deal with the current labour shortage.

Online ordering platforms, refined and perfected during the pandemic, are now a common place in many bars and restaurants. Contactless payments are also the standard, as guests expect more convenience and personalisation than ever before. 

  • 3. Brand Merch

If there’s one thing the past two years have taught us, it’s that restaurants and bars can no longer rely on a single revenue stream.


As more and more restaurants realise this, the trend of restaurant merch has emerged. Restaurants are starting to sell products and merchandise as an alternative revenue stream


Selling your own merch is also a great way to grow brand awareness. No wonder so many businesses are jumping on this restaurant trend.

  • T-Shirts—People used to buy t-shirts of the bands they liked. In 2022 it’s become more common to sport the logo of your favourite restaurant, cafe or pub.

  • Tote bags—Much like t-shirts, they allow restaurants to spread brand awareness by encouraging fans to wear their logo loud and clear, hanging from their shoulders.

  • Reusable mugs—Reusable mugs allow cafes to encourage repeat business as well as have their logos seen wherever their customer goes with it. It’s also a great way to promote sustainability and cut down the use of single-use coffee cups among customers

  • 4. Drone delivery

Yes, you read that right. Drone delivery could soon become commonplace.

Delivery as a restaurant trend has grown exponentially since 2020. The number of people in Europe using food delivery apps is set to grow to 96.9 million by 2024.

Drone delivery is exactly what it sounds like: meals delivered by drone. While not a totally new idea, the concept has taken some time to take flight.

In 2022, the drone delivery market is evolving quickly and for good reason. Trials prove them to be leagues more efficient than vehicle delivery—cutting delivery time by up 70%.

Are you ready for a successful year? 

Big movements are taking place in 2022. Restaurants and bars everywhere must stay adaptive to be successful. Staying in the know is half the battle.

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