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Tequila & Spirits Magazine

Tequila & Spirits Magazine is the result of a passion for tequila and other spirits, the Magazine was born to connect brands with fans; we increase the possibilities for fans to learn more about their favourite brand while at the same time helping the brands expose their name.      

The Magazine!

Tequila & Spirits Magazine is published bimonthly, with multi-platform categories that include a digital magazine, website, e-newsletter, blog, social media, special events and Tequila & Spirits Magazine Tasting Awards.  

Tequila & Spirits readers are active, culturally minded people who enjoy drinking, dining, travelling, sports, vehicles, technology and entertaining.  They appreciate quality articles that motivate the consumption of speciality beverages, from tequila, beer, wine and spirits to coffee. They look to 

Tequila & Spirits to find out what’s new in the world of beverages, what to buy, where to go and how to make and enjoy drinks at home.  At the same time, they want to be entertained. So while they read about how to make the perfect margarita, they’ll enjoy thoughtful stories about the people, places, cultures and flavours that shape the realm of drinks. 

Global One Magazine!

Using technology to our advantage, the magazine is available on digital platforms.  This allows instant access to subscribers from 65 + countries worldwide.  The digital magazine provides a better user experience with highly engaging images, audio, and on-page videos, web links, shop-now buttons, and many other interactive elements.  

Subscription to Tequila & Spirits Magazine is completely free!

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