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Are you ready to digitise your SFBB paper records?

Whether you're running a food business or looking to start up, you'll know the law requires you to have a food safety management system like the FSA's "Safer Food, Better Business". It's the first thing that an EHO asks for when they inspect and rate your food business. But, as food inspectors ourselves, we know that paper records get lost, dirty or just go missing.

So we created an App, SFBB+, to hold all your SFBB records digitally on your phone or tablet. You can download SFBB+ for free from your app store now and trial it for 90 days without any obligation. Thereafter, SFBB+ is only £4.99/month (inclusive of VAT) per premises with NO extras or additional charges. Please view our video at SFBB+ Food Safety Compliance App - Safer Food Better Business (

We are also very proud to be a Just Eat partner, with Just Eat promoting the SFBB+ App to all their partner restaurants to support their compliance. You can find us at #RTIE21 next to Just Eat on Stand Q51. Come and see us and let's see how SFBB+ can support you. 

Roger Sanders, Director, said: "We wanted to provide the same technology that larger organisations have to smaller businesses, like cafes, restaurants and takeaways, at a price point that really works. Now there is a way of keeping all your SFBB records, including your Daily Diary up to date digitally. You may not be able to put your hands on your SFBB folder - but you always know where your smartphone is!".

SFBB+ is Safe, Compliant and Simple. It's fully backed by EHOs through our Primary Authority partnership as a compliant means of keeping your records.  The App stores all your SFBB Safe Methods and has "quick links" to your Daily Diary and Temperature Records. You can share record keeping with others in the business (at no extra cost) and even share your SFBB records with anyone electronically through the App. 

If you are ready to digitise your records then download the SFBB+ App from your App Store now - and try it out for FREE.

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