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The Rise Of Vegan Street Food

The food-to-go market is booming, and so is the demand for vegan alternatives! With an estimated 540,000 vegans in Great Britain, the demand for meat-free food increased by a whopping 987% in 2017, making it worth a staggering £572m! So, we can all understand why street food trucks are getting in on the action by offering tasty vegan dishes; but don’t just think your standard salad or average fruit bowl. Oh no - we’re talking burgers, wraps, ice cream, the lot! That’s right, the vegan community is on the want for more exciting meat and dairy-free delights to get their teeth into; so here’s a selection of our favourite vegan street food dishes we’ve found so far. 

Falafel Wraps

Photo credit: epicvegkitchen on Instagram

Gone are the days of boring veg filled pitas - EpicVeg kitchen are spicing up lunch times with these mouthwatering falafel wraps! A quality, different and down right delicious street food dish that just has to make it onto our favourites list.


Photo credit: theottomen on Instagram

This isn’t just any old mezze, this is Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired mezze! The Otto-Men have mastered the art of turning the classic hummus and falafel combination into something deliciously unique, with added spice and other tasty ingredients to make this wonderful mezze concoction.

Koshari Bowls

Photo credit: numraw on Instagram

When you say vegan, we say KOSHARI. This amazing Egyptian dish is a mixture of rice, macaroni and lentils, usually topped with spiced tomato sauce, garlic vinegar, chickpeas and onions. Now who said vegan food was boring?

Sushi Burritos

Photo credit: thehappymaki on Instagram

Have you ever seen a better creation than a vegan sushi burrito? Almost half of UK vegans made the change in 2018, which shows that veganism is growing at a substantial rate - so no wonder street food trucks are pulling out all the stops to provide for this expanding market.


Photo credit: thegreengrill on Instagram

You didn’t think we had left out the best of the best did you? Vegan burgers are one of the most popular vegan street food dishes, and we’re not surprised when there are so many new ones to choose from! Cauliflower, chickpea, portobello mushroom, quinoa, sweet potato...or a black bean, mushroom and walnut patty smothered in carrot puree, stuffing, cranberry jam and gravy in a beetroot bun like the one above!

Having looked through some utterly delicious looking vegan street food offerings, it’s fair to say that the world of street food is always developing; with constant trends and new innovations continuing to influence the community. Want to get a real taste of the sector? Come along to Street Food Live and experience unmissable seminars from industry experts, fantastic networking opportunities and sustainable street food businesses. 

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