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Does Your Food Truck Accept Apple Pay?

“Hi there, what can I get for you?”

“I’m not too sure yet… do you take card payments?”

Are you asked that question daily? Card payments or contactless is a worldwide trend leaning towards a soon-to-be ‘cashless society’. The question is, are you ready for mobile payments? 

Already consumers are carrying less cash than they ever have before - did you know that only 34% of transactions are carried out using cash now? And that number is only going to dwindle as it becomes quicker, easier and more exciting to go cashless! With the adoption of the likes of Google Pay and Apple Pay, it’s no longer just about contactless payment - your customers want to pay using their phones, watches, and other wearable technology! 

So if you want to serve your customers, you NEED to be offering mobile payments. 

And it’s not just customer concerns that should get you thinking about why you need to offer cashless payment options - it’s what your competitors are already doing! In a 2018 study, 37% of sellers already supported the likes of Apple pay, Google Pay and Android Pay at the Point of Sale.

But are mobile payments secure? 

In a word, YES. In fact many experts actually argue that mobile payments are MORE secure than cash. Just think about it - no cash means you don’t have to worry about break-ins to empty your register, how you can safely transport your takings for the day, or even petty theft from your staff. 

So now we know mobile payments are the future…. How can you make sure your food truck accepts apple pay? 

Accept mobile payments in your food truck

While the mobile food industries proceed to grow, so does the technology that allows street-food vendors to accept cashless payments. Sell on-the-go mobile solutions are available and a great tool especially for food vendors that are constantly on the move, as EPOS (Electronic point of sale systems) are an option for static establishment set up. You can use simple mobile card readers that connect to a mobile phone or tablet. 

What to look out for when choosing your EPOS: 

1. Mobility Your food truck will need a payment solution that is versatile and most importantly portable for your food truck. You will also need to consider the capabilities of your food truck. Do you have an internet connection available to you when in your van? There are options for EPOS solutions which don’t need an internet connection to run, but these are things you will need to consider!  

2. User friendly Street food life is often fast-paced as customers expect speedier service than in-store dining, so you’ll want a payment solution that can keep up with you! Make sure to ask about connection speed and check how easy the point of sale is to use; if it’s easy for you to use, chances are your customers will feel the same. 

3. Reports - Many of the payment solutions that are available for food trucks have built in software so you can easily track which dishes, offers or drinks are particularly popular - and capitalise on it! 

How can you find out more about getting started with mobile payments?  Explore suitable options for Street Food POS systems here (select POS systems under categories) -and make sure you’re giving your customers EVERYTHING they want!


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