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Workwear that Works!

In a highly competitive market, it is important that your Restaurant, Hotel or Takeaway makes a first-class impression, first time!

The correct kind of uniform worn by Restaurant/ Hotel staff can speak volumes. Uniforms create a smart, instant recognition/authority for service staff. Smart staff uniforms themselves, can make as strong an impression as your interior décor.

Restaurant uniforms can highlight: 

- The unique personality of your Business
- Seamless branding throughout the Business
- A smart ‘uniform’ image for your staff
- Ensure that employees wear appropriate clothing and have pride in their appearance
- Prevent staff from damaging their own clothes from spills etc. 

Restaurant owners should avoid complex designs that make their staff uncomfortable. Should a Restaurant/ Hotel or Takeaway not wish to go the expense of a full uniform for their staff, they can still achieve some of the benefits by creating a strict dress policy, providing aprons with logos and furnishing employee name tags.

You cannot underestimate how your staff are your most valuable resource in terms of communicating your brand and restaurant philosophy. Uniforms should match your restaurant’s concept and foster the values that you want people to associate with your restaurant.

Research has shown that staff morale gets a boost when people dress in quality uniforms, and stain-resistant fabrics help people stay clean and fresh during long shifts. 

If managers and owners dress consistently at work, it may make staff more amenable to new uniforms.

Choosing a Uniform Strategy

Choosing Restaurant/ Hotel uniforms could become a large undertaking because most restaurants have different uniforms for managers, chefs, cooks and waiters.

Formal Restaurants, Hotels might consider embroidered Waistcoats for hosts, front desks, bartenders and servers. 

Kitchen staff look more professional when chefs, sous chefs and executive chefs wear stylish chef coats with company logos. 

Comfort and cost are important in making a final selection of uniforms. Hot, uncomfortable uniforms for kitchen workers and servers could affect staff performance, and nobody wants service from sweaty servers! 

Large restaurants need to provide a variety of uniforms in different sizes and styles, so costs and fabric durability become major determining factors.

For help in choosing the right uniform for your Hotel, Restaurant or Takeaway please call us on 0800 781 2163. We will help you to create the right impression first time!

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