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Top 5 Street Food Trends For 2019

Street food is consumed by over 2.5 billion people worldwide every day - so we’re pretty sure there’s a market out there for any food trucker wannabe. But we’re not just talking your standard greasy kebab on a Saturday night - street food trucks are going to new lengths to provide above and beyond service, out of the ordinary cuisine and a wide menu variety to make them stand out from any average Joe in the industry. So let’s take a look at the top street food trends for 2019.

Apple Pay 

Does your food truck accept Apple Pay? It’s the 21st century people - the world’s going cashless! In fact, only 34% of transactions are now made by cash, which means that piece of plastic in your consumer’s back pocket is only going to get stronger! If your food truck isn’t offering card payments, contactless or Apple Pay - get with the times! By not providing a cashless payment service you’re handing over hundreds of potential customers to your competitors, resulting in thousands of missed revenue! We live in a technology driven world, so make sure your food truck can accept the tap of a card, phone, watch, whatever!

Eco-Friendly Containers

Environmentally friendly packaging is a trend that’s here to stay. The UK produces around 170 million tonnes of waste a year, most of which is food packaging, and consumers are no longer turning a blind eye. The world is becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before, and the demand for sustainable food containers is constantly on the rise. 

QSR giants are even uniting to combat takeaway cup waste - so make sure you‘re doing your bit too! Switch to eco-friendly packaging and show consumers that your food truck is sustainable.

Around The World Cuisine

Street food is evolving. Back in the day the best you could get was cheesy chips or a hot dog if you were lucky, now you can traipse the market pathways and smell the mouth-watering aroma of delicacy from all around the world. We’re talking dishes from India, Mexico, the Middle East and America. Consumers want authentic, they want exciting and they want quality. This is the perfect opportunity for people to try something new which is why street food truckers are branching out when it comes to their cuisine and putting something different on the menu. From puchkas to tacos, are you offering something as unique as it is delicious?


The number of British vegans has risen by more than 500% since 2016, which has contributed to it becoming one of the top eating out trends for 2019. This rise in popularity is already having a huge impact on the street food community with over 1/6 of London’s Camden Market stalls now catering exclusively to vegans

More people are adopting a plant-based diet than ever before, so with over 3.5 million vegans currently in the UK, and with that figure only continuing to rise, it’s imperative that you’re offering consumers vegan street food options! Think bean burgers, grilled avocado and vegetable paella...mmm!

Doing It For The Gram 

Instagrammable food isn’t just for restaurants, influencers and social media mad consumers want street food snaps for the gram too! Make sure your food looks as sizzling hot as it tastes, because to this generation, there’s nothing more satisfying than showing off your aesthetically pleasing dinner to your Insta followers. Look at it this way - it’s free advertising! By making your food that little bit more picture worthy, consumers will snap and share it for free - now that’s a win win.

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