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JR PAT TESTING provides the most thorough Portable Appliance Testing to every sector in the UK. The JR GROUP is a 24-7 COMPLIANCE ALLIANCE offering the complete range of testing and compliance services UK wide. From PAT to
Fire extinguishers, Refrigeration, Legionella and Fixed Wire Testing we can provide you with the very best value for money and totally bespoke compliance package.

Our clients mean the world to us and we forge incredibly strong relationships based on being real and taking honesty and transparency to a whole new level. This is combined with a burning desire to make our clients incredibly happy with our standards of work, setting and meeting compliance expectations and all is done with a smile and big dose of humour.

The NHS Trust is a benchmark customer of ours and we conduct Portable Appliance testing in the many thousands amongst dozens of sites throughout the UK. So strong is our relationship that we can happily give you the names of several senior NHS personnel who would be delighted to give you a reference.


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Tel: 0333 772 2155



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