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OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY At Sabert, we believe that our commitment to the environment is a fundamental part of our core business philosophy -- that a more sustainable future helps our customers, our industry, our communities and our planet. Across all of our facilities, partners, plants and people, we are putting our inventive culture to work to help find new ways to protect the environment, strengthen communities and drive responsible growth - every day.

Sabert truly is the better choice in sustainable packaging with a full line of BPI Certified options that meet both industrial and home composting standards. We combine sustainable design with exceptional performance, using pulp that comes from sugar cane fiber, one of the world’s most abundant annually renewable resources. Our sustainable packaging is table-ready and designed to withstand any condition, from freezers to ovens. Sabert manufactures both the bases and double lock lids, ensuring optimal lid fit and leak resistance. Through an ongoing dedication to innovation, Sabert continually adds versatility to our family of products, helping to streamline your business and save back-of-house space by eliminating excess SKUs. It’s never been easier to go green than with Sabert’s 100% compostable food packaging.

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