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The P50 will save you an average of 48% in costs through eliminating the need for costly service contracts. P50 fire extinguishers only require a simple annual visual check, which can be carried out by anyone who has been trained by us. We also provide free of charge access our bespoke Extinguisher Management System which stores all your extinguisher information such as, location, type, size, serial number, and the system will send out reminders to your allocated inspectors.

We provide fire extinguishers that are made to last, with the contents certified to last for at least 10 years. After this 10-year period or after a discharge, they will require a refill and will then be viable for another 10 years. The P50 has a 20-year lifecycle, with no need for a discharge test after 5 years of purchase.

On top of this, the multi-risk nature of the P50 fire extinguisher, with our foam P50 covering class A, B and electrical fires, means that we can reduce our client`s inventory by an average of 40%. You will only need one P50 fire extinguisher to replace your two (paired) steel extinguishes.

All these fantastic benefits allow us to reduce your carbon footprint. Reduced travel journeys due to the elimination of service contractors means less emissions, reduced waste as the P50's are longer lasting and less are needed, they can be recycled at their end of life and they are made using low carbon, zero-waste manufacturing processes.

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