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Manufacturers of biodegradable food packaging made from 100% sugarcane bagasse. We manage the entire process from start to finish and the process begins on our very own farming land where the sugarcane is grown over 1000 acres.

Our sugarcane is supplied to sugar mills for the extraction of the `sweet stuff`. The dry, fibrous residue remaining after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks of sugarcane are then prepared & collected from the mills by our dedicated team. The bio waste then enters a manufacturing processes and can be moulded into a variety of different products that we produce.

Once manufactured products are then distributed to our clients across the globe. By using biodegradable products, retailers & consumers are being socially responsible and actively playing their role in looking after the planet.

The cycle is completed when the end user disposes of our bio products in the ground where it will decompose after 90 days.

Are you looking to make a change & use food packaging products that won't cost the earth? Get in touch with our team today!

Tel: 07792608312



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